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 Advanced Natural Beauty Spa in Melbourne

Advanced Natural has a skin day spa in Melbourne to rejuvenate and beautify you, helping to optimise the health of your skin and giving you an enviable glow. As one of the leading luxury day spas in Melbourne, we use our own creams, lotions and serums to deeply nourish your skin. The homeopathic remedies in our products allow them to seep further into the skin, delivering moisture and nutrients where they’re needed most. We also use only the highest quality, 100% natural beauty products that are organic and cruelty-free.

IPL Treatment in Melbourne

Intense pulsed light is a form of therapy that can remove wrinkles, spots and unwanted hair. Look younger and better groomed with the easy application of IPL treatment in Melbourne.

Laser Treatment in Melbourne

Laser treatment can be used for numerous skin concerns, including pigmentation, scarring, vascular conditions (redness), hair, skin tightening, texture modification and wrinkle reduction.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser can be used for hair removal with highly satisfying results. With laser hair removal, you can enjoy long-lasting hair-free skin.

Waxing Packages

For those who want a simple and no less effective alternative for unwanted hair, we offer convenient waxing packages for various body parts.

Deep Tissue Massage in Melbourne

If you feel like you’re all tied up in knots, our deep tissue massage in Melbourne can relieve your tension and relax your muscles.

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If you want to rejuvenate yourself and feel pampered from head to toe, visit our beauty spa in Melbourne today. Call Advanced Natural today on (03) 9553 0819 to make a booking.