Why your evening routine should differ from your morning one

Raise your hand if your daytime skincare routine is the same as your night time one.

Whilst we’re thrilled to hear you’ve found a routine that you love, we’re here to explain why some products will work harder for your skin if applied at the right time.


Cleansing morning and night is a fantastic way to ensure your skin is feeling clean and hydrated but they do play different roles during the day.

Your morning cleanse is not only an invigorating way to wake up your skin but remove any excess product from the night before. Cleansing in the morning creates the perfect canvas for the remainder of your routine.

At night, our skin reacts differently to cleansing as throughout your day, it’s come into contact with environmental elements, dirt, impurities and makeup. Your cleansers job at night is to effectively remove these elements to ensure they don’t stay put and cause damage.


Whether you choose a physical or chemical exfoliant, this step should happen at night, after your cleansing.

Exfoliation doesn’t need to happen every day as we’d hate to see you over-exfoliating and stripping your skin!

Sticking to 2-3 times per week is a great way to find the perfect balance between renewing and replenishing your skin.


During the day, we’re setting our skin up for protection from the environment around us. That’s why we want to pair our sun protection with hydrating skincare. Lightweight moisturisers like our natural skincare lotions are a great choice for morning hydration as they layer well with hydrating serums like hyaluronic acid and of course, our vital SPF products.

At night, we often find our hydrating moisturisers are richer. Thicker than our normal daytime moisturiser, this evening step allows us to seal in moisture and ensure your skin not only feels hydrated whilst sleeping but allows you to wake up with fresh, plump skin.

From calming moisturisers to indulgent caviar creams, you’ll find your key to hydration on our Advanced Natural online store.


It’s in the evening when we can really ramp up our use of serums to treat your skin.

Did you know that our skin absorbs far more product at night? This means the products we choose to use at night will penetrate deeper and more effectively. This is why we want to keep our active serums and treatments to the evening – to get the most out of them! Peptides, retinol and hyaluronic acid are great examples of power-packed ingredients that do their best work when applied during the evening. As we sleep, they repair and rejuvenate our complexions to keep our skin looking young and fresh.

Create your entire daytime and night time skincare routine by visiting our online store.

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